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Религия > Иудаизм и Еврейский Народ

Иудаизм и Еврейский Народ

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converted to Christianity. The Haggadah of Pessach, telling the story of Passover, one of the principal Jewish festivals, commemorating the liberation from slavery under the Pharaohs and the exodus from Egypt. See Judaism and the Jewish People HE JEWISH PEOPLE descend from nomadic tribes in the Middle East. In the 13th century BCE they establish towns and villages in the present-day area of Israel. Jewish kingdoms and states are centered around Jerusalem, the site of the Temple. Judaism, the religion that evolves in this period, demands ethical behavior, individual responsibility, toleranc

Название: Иудаизм и Еврейский Народ
Дата публикации: 2004-09-26


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