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The New-York City, Places of interest

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earn. The big City with its skyscrapers seems to be exciting and fascinating for me. I want to know more about The New York City, about its famous places. That is the main reason for my choosing this topic. Contents 1. Introduction 1p. 2. New York. Places of interest 2p. 3. Manhattan Geography 2p. 4. The Financial District 3p. 5. Greenwich Village and the East Village. 3p. 6. Statue of Liberty History 4p. 7. City Hall 5p. 8. Brooklyn Bridge 5p. 9. Liberty State Park 6p. 10. The American Museum of the Moving Image 6p. 11. Empire State building 7p. 12. The New York Aquarium 7p. 13.

Название: The New-York City, Places of interest
Дата публикации: 2004-10-11


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