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Category of number of the noun

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k-books, [s]) –s,-sh,-ss,-ch,-x,-z - -es (actress-actresses, [iz]) –o: -es-hero-heroes. But: -os: after a vowel – bamboos, embryos, folios, kangaroos, radios, studios, zoos. In proper names – Romeos, Eskimos, Filipinos. In abbreviations - kilos, photos, pros(professional). Also: pianos, concertos, dynamos, quartos, solos,tangos, tobaccos. In other cases the spelling is -oes (tomatoes, echoes, Negroes, potatoes, vetoes, torpedoes, embargoes) –oes/-os : cargo(e)s, banjo(e)s, halo(e)s Consonant+y - -ies (sky-skies). But: -ys After vowels, except nouns ending –quy(day-days, soliloquy-s

Название: Category of number of the noun
Дата публикации: 2004-10-08


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